Baby Sleeping Bag Sack (Elephant)


Baby Sleeping Bag Sack (Elephant)

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 2-pack pure cotton infant sleeping bags

Our sleeveless, pure cotton baby sleeping bags are the perfect comfort for your baby to keep them cozy and warm while drifting off to sleep. Made from breathable cotton which minimizes the risk of overheating, our soft baby sleeping bags are perfect for use in the crib at home, in the buggy while out and about or even when traveling.

Easy zip baby bag for sleeping

Our infant sleeping bags each features a smooth zipper which unzips from bottom to the top. This design makes it very easy to transfer baby into the sleeping sack without disturbing them too much if they are already sleeping, and also keeps the bag snugly around the baby so they cannot kick it off. No more blankets falling out of the crib and disturbing your little one’s sleep pattern!


Sizing information

Included in your purchase you will receive 2 x baby sleeping sacks that are suitable for babies who are within the above table's size 


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